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Ways to Make your Melbourne Home More Secure

residential locksmith melbourne

Ways to Make your Melbourne Home More Secure There are lots of simple things you can do to make your home more secure. From adding a lock to your letterbox, installing security lighting, using a safe to keep your valuables secure or even getting your locks maintained by a Master Locksmith Here are some of […]

Replacing a broken sliding door lock

Sliding door lock repairs

Removing the sliding door lock  If you want to attempt the removal of your sliding door lock in the absence of a professional here are some steps that can help with the removal of your lock. The sliding door handles are smaller than the traditional ones. The dimensions may vary depending on the model, as […]

Repairing the sliding door latch on your sliding glass door

Sliding Door Locks

  Even though sliding doors often are reasonably secured, it is still important that your door’s latch is working at its best. Bits and pieces can easily get lodged inside and jam the mechanisms of the locks, or the locking mechanism can break down with use over the years.  Door handles come in all sorts […]