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Every Melbourne business needs a safe to store confidential documents, valuable items and cash. It is professional and, in some cases, an actual legal requirement to keep sensitive information securely. That is why purchasing a commercial safe is an investment that is really worthwhile. If, in the unfortunate event your business is subject to a fire, theft or other damage you will know that your most important items (including cash, and confidential documents) have been kept secure in your fire rated commercial safe.

At The Lock Guy, we have extensive experience in all types of commercial safes and have been installing them for many years. That’s why we have the expertise required to advise you on the best type of commercial safe for your business. No matter, what you need to store in your commercial safe we will advise on the best one to suit your needs. 

When you are deciding on what type of commercial safe to purchase and have installed for your business we always recommend that you choose one that will have capacity as your business grows. This will save you having to buy another safe in the future when your needs increase.

In many cases, The Lock Guy will recommend the CMI range of Commercial Safes as our preferred suppliers of commercial safes. By using the best commercial safes in your business you are confident that your valuables are protected at all times.

The range of CMI Commercial Safes are constructed with the highest quality steel and are made in Australia.

The CMI Commercial Safe range includes:

  • cash safes,
  • fire rated safes, and
  • fire rated filing cabinets.

NOTE: The fire rated range of safes are thermal tested.

CMI Commercial Safes and vaults also come with a selection of lock styles to suit your needs.

The range of lock styles for CMI Commercial Safes includes:

  • key lock,
  • combination dial,
  • push button digital, and
  • fingerprint locks.

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