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Why is it important getting Whitco Locks installed around the home or office?

Written: May 10, 2017
Last Modified: November 10, 2022

So, what are Whitco Locks?


Whitco Locks is one of Australia households’ most trusted lock system. It offers a huge range of home and office security products such as hinged door locks, window locks, safety and screen door locks and window hardware.

Securing your homes with the latest safety devices is essential as sometimes kids are alone at home or you are out on vacation with your family.

Burglars are okay with taking anything to make money with. Getting Whitco Locks installed around the home or office makes it impossible for thieves to enter the home even from the weakest parts of the house such as the window.


According to Whitco Locks, the best way to protect your home or office from being robbed is as follows:


1. Install double cylinder deadlocks on all external doors

2. Install key operated locks on the windows

3. Install a three-point deadlocking system on all security screen doors.

Even if you are out of your house for minutes, make sure that all the doors and windows locked properly.

Ideally, you should install a door viewer so that your kids can see who’s on the other side of the door and only then open if the person is known.


Whitco Locks offer unmatched security services and is a favourite of millions of Australian households.


Getting Whitco Locks provides unique advantages to securing your homes and offices. To name a few:


1. Most advanced security systems and all Whitco Locks security systems are developed keeping the latest security needs and technological advancements in mind.

2. Affordable With so many security features in one security system, one might surely think that Whitco Locks would be priced high.

The security systems are budget-friendly and placed at very low cost as compared to other security systems of other brands.

3. Easy to install Whitco Locks’ security system uses deadbolt type which makes it very easy to install.

4. No worry about losing keys since the security system is handled electronically, there is no fear of losing or misplacing keys.

If in case you have to give your safety code to an outside person, you can immediately change it later. Electronic locks are tough to break in.

5. Less damage in case of burglary because all your external doors will be tightly closed, if a burglar breaks in from the windows, he cannot steal large equipment out of the home or office.

So the loss is minimal. The most efficient way to keep lower the risk of robbery is to change your pin every couple of months.

There are some people who enter your house, and you cannot trust an outsider. Moreover, robbery just doesn’t happen by chance; it is always planned.

Whitco Locks assure that your home and your office remains safe which its advanced technology.


If your interested in getting Whitco Locks installed on your premises be sure to give The Lock Guy a call on 0438 316 866 or fill out our online enquiry!


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