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Getting CCTV fitted – The benefits, costs and how to go about it.

Written: November 15, 2017
Last Modified: November 10, 2022
cctv camera

The benefits of getting CCTV installed in your home or office

 Whatever the type of business or property that needs surveillance, a closed-circuit television or CCTV system is a very key investment. There is no better way of monitoring your property even when away.

There are so many benefits of installing a CCTV system and they include; 

  • Discouraging criminal activity – Thieves are deterred by the cameras as they can be easily caught and this makes your home or business safe.


  • Reduced insurance premium – When you invest in CCTV, it lowers your risk as you become less of a target. This means you are less likely to have claims and thus your insurance will charge you a reduced rate.


  • Increases peace of mind – Since you are able to monitor what’s happening in your business or property, you’re getting an increased sense of security.


  • Protect your business – Some clients can make false claims which may cost your company’s name and also incur losses but with CCTV your are able to lay things bare.


  • Provides evidence – In case of theft or any other incidence you are able to give proof and therefore you can easily claim from the insurance. You are also able to provide information to the police making their work easier.


  • You are able to improve work strategies better for your business as you can identify areas where the customer is dissatisfied and know what to improve.


  • Increased productivity – Employees will be more careful when you have CCTV as they don’t know when you are watching them.
To get an idea of the best CCTV cameras at the moment check out this post.


Cost of Installing CCTV

This greatly depends on the type and the quality of the cameras. Wire cameras cost less for the parts but installation fee is high.

Wireless cameras are expensive but very minimal installation fee. On average installation of CCTV ranges $300 and upwards.

This means you are able to choose the best camera system suited for you with the installation of a professional.

For a more detailed look at what specialists usually charge in Australia for getting CCTV installed check this link out – Cost of CCTV Installation

Whats involved in getting a CCTV installed

  • The positioning of the camera – Ensuring the camera is fitted appropriately so that you do not get reversed images.


  • Choosing the best location for CCTV installation – Ensuring no direct sunlight can get into the camera as this will blind the view during sunny days. Also making sure no obstacles are in the way of the camera so that the view of your property is clear.


  • Knowing the camera range before purchasing. If a camera reaches the edge of the range it will give errors and it won’t be useful.


  • Using enough cameras for your property. This ensures your property is covered entirely and you are able to monitor everything.


  • When installing CCTV we need to put the power source in mind. For wired CCTV let it have a battery in case of power outage. For wireless cameras always ensure you have extra batteries.


  • Alerts – Since you may not always keep monitoring your CCTV, it’s better to set it to notify you when it captures movement.


  • You need to protect your CCTV, you can use a password so that it’s not easily hacked.


  • Need to use a suitable surface to install your CCTV to prevent it from falling off.


  • CCTV is a worthy investment and can save you much money and trouble.

Are you thinking of going the way of a professional installation?

  If your thinking of going the way of a professional installation which gives you a peace of mind knowing that it’s installed correctly and with the least amount of hassle you can call The Lock Guy on 0438 316 866 or contact us by email or by online inquiry form.

 We can assess the best camera system for your property as well as come to an arrangement on the best location from the cameras and system.



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