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A guide to deciding whether you should Re-key or Recode your existing locks

Written: May 11, 2017
Last Modified: November 10, 2022
rekeying locks

Recode or Re-key?


Have you recently been thinking about re-keying or recoding the locks on your house or business?

There are many reasons why this is a significant step in protecting the things you value. A locksmith can re-key a lock by just changing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder.

It’s a short process and it can not only give you peace of mind but may end up protecting your property from intruders.

New Property Owners


Maybe you have recently bought a new property? A lot of new homeowners will choose to re-key the locks after they purchase a property.

You might not have any idea who the owner might have been before you came by or whom the previous owners lent keys out too.

To properly protect your new property, you should have the locks re-keyed or recoded.

Managers of apartment buildings or other public housing may have given out keys to many different people over the years. So, if you have just moved into any these buildings, then re-keying your lock would be a smart decision.


Lost your set of keys?


Have you recently lost a keychain? Again, this would be a good reason to have your locks re-keyed or recoded.

The person who found your keys may have an idea of where you live. If they do not know where you live exactly, they could always follow you.

For peace of mind, you should get your locks changed. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you have a family to protect.

This is important even if you feel like you are not sure where you lost your keys. The fact is that they may have been stolen from you, even though you feel like you lost them somewhere.

A bonus to this type of scenario is that if you have many different keys for various locks around the house is you can get all the door locks keyed alike, for next time, so you only have the one set of keys for all doors around the house.


Old Locks


What about old locks around the home? Should you get them replaced?

The answer is this question is it depends on your current situation. As a lock becomes older, the risk of it failing starts to increase.

Not only do you have to worry about your lock failing to keep out intruders, but you may have trouble getting into the property yourself.

Spending a few minutes with a locksmith can be well worth the trouble if you find yourself locked out of your own house at night.


Losing Track of Keys


Again, this situation depends. You may not have any idea if the person you gave the keys to still has them.

They may have lost them, or maybe they accidentally gave them to someone else.

If anyone other than yourself or family members has keys to your property and he or she have lost them, then you should probably have the locks re-keyed.

Have you noticed how hard it is to keep track of your keys? It is almost impossible to keep track if many different people have a set.

Every situation is different, and you will have to decide whether you should rekey your locks or not ultimately. However, keep in mind that it is a simple process and is relatively inexpensive.

So, if you do decide to have them changed, you will not be out a lot of money or time. It mostly the inconvenience that most people do not enjoy, but the peace of mind that comes with re-keying or recoding a lock could well be worth your time.


What we can provide in case you want to replace existing locks


We can provide a high-quality array of locks to replace existing locks if you are thinking to replace your locks instead of rekeying which include:

  • Keyless access control locks, so you will never need to worry about losing your keys.
  • A power industry lock that comes packed with great sturdiness and resilience.
  • Install a Whitco window winder to help secure your windows.
  • Roller door lock replacements.
  • Use security code locks for doors, so you don’t need to carry around keys.

Moreover, there are much more different approaches we can also apply.

Contact The Lock Guy for an assessment and ideas on how you can rekey or change locks to secure your home on 0438 316 866.




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