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What are the most burgled towns around Victoria?

Written: June 6, 2017
Last Modified: November 10, 2022
Victoria burglary statistics

Below we have described the burglary statistics of popular towns in Melbourne

Burglaries have been worse off in Melbourne, Victoria’s capital. Burglaries being unlawful ways of breaking into one’s house, location or property with the intention of committing offenses, an unpleasant experience to the owner of the premises invaded and leads to immense losses, damages, and destructions.

However, many jurisdictions include others in their ambit of burglary.

Victoria police have recently revealed that towns like Williams Landing, Heidelberg and Ardeer west are the most prevalent concerning theft rates.

In those towns, statistics show that at least one out of thirty homes have been attacked each year in the past five years.

breakins around melbourneRegarding the total number of break-ins, Hoppers Crossing is the most burgled suburb in Melbourne wherein at least 12 homes fall, victims, every week.

Hoppers Crossing is located within a nexus of high-class ( working class) and is among the leading poverty crime suburbs in Melbourne, after the suburb of Werribee, St.

Albans and Deer Park all of which records over 2000 burglary cases each within the last five years.

In contrary, the rate of robbery in Melbourne’s homes on the western fringe have substantially reduced five years ago, despite the fact that the town has increasingly grown in population since 2012.

However, other interior suburbs of the city have grown in burgling rates.

For instance, the following towns were rated among the 20 most targeted cities based on their number of dwellings. These towns include Clifton Hill, Carton North, Fitzroy, and Abbotsford.

Of these towns, each has experienced a spike 13 to 73 % of the total burglary cases within just a year. This indicated the fast-growing problem to the residents in the traditionally low crime regions.

Among the Eastern Suburbs, Donvale has been the safest, experiencing approximately six burglaries per 1000 homes within the last five years.

It was also observed that thieves avoided the Docklands and Southbank apartment towers, ranking them low in the number of burglary incidences.

Glen Weir who is the acting commander in the north-west metro region reported that Melbourne’s seven suburbs out of the top ten most burgled suburbs were located in this area. However, the figures were to be placed in the context.

The rise in the number of burglaries in Commander Weir’s region led to enforcement of improved and better intelligence which consequently saw a substantial reduction in most growth suburbs.

Recently, Brimbank recorded the lowest ever burglary rate over the past five years although the region is currently experiencing high population growth.

The commander also added that the outer west growth suburbs continued to be the primary targets of burglary due to increased drug and alcohol dependency, as well as other social disadvantages.

He further identified crystal methamphetamine as a major source of burglary incidences in the region.

Other burglar-targeted regions include mortgage belts of Melbourne.

In these areas, it was noted that the absence of home-owners most of the time exposed their homes to burglars since they were away most of the time for jobs and left their homes unattended for many hours.

In conclusion burgling incidences have dominated Melbourne and its environments and caused significant losses within the past five years.

While other parts of Victoria have witnessed a drop in these incidences, it is seen that social disadvantage is the major reason still holding Melbourne at its present situation of burglary.

However, there is hope for burglary-free Melbourne and Victoria at large, considering that the government and local councils’ investigations are underway to counter leading causes of such incidences.

For example, the government has noted social disadvantage and is working on investing resources for local inclusion so as to reduce the need for such criminal activities.

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