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The Best Tips On Keeping Your Home Safe For The Christmas Holidays

Written: December 9, 2016
Last Modified: December 22, 2022
Home security for Christmas

Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year since people view it as the time for giving, receiving and taking gifts. During this period, many retailers account for 70% of their annual revenue. Unfortunately, thieves see this as an opportunity to commit burglaries.

The best tips for keeping your home safe for Christmas holidays

One should install home security systems which are great tools for preventing burglaries. If they are unaffordable, you can put a security sign in your yard without having a real one installed. This will deter the thieves since they will be convinced a security system protects the house. They would prefer stealing from an unprotected home. More locksmith tips can be found here.

Security for Christmas

Be careful and discreet when disposing of packages

Leftover packing in your trash or recycling sitting on a curb is a reflection of the wealth and valuables available. Break and conceal the packages as much as possible.

Gifts should not be visible from outside

Not all gifts, especially the expensive ones, should be put under the Christmas tree for every visitor to see. Hide in another room and ensure the curtains are solid and well fixed.

Change locks

You should check doors and windows for weak spots and if possible change locks when you are planning to go away for a long time since 30% of burglaries happen through windows.

Interact with neighbors positively

Be friendly with your neighbors since they play a significant role in preventing home thefts. They are likely to call the police if they see something suspicious going on in your property. Closely knit neighbors always watch over each other, so they are less likely to be victimised.

Keep the garages and sheds secure

Since these are common entry points for burglars, they should always remain closed especially when you are away. They should not be left as a display to the passersby.

No land escaping

Clean the bushes and maintain just enough trees around the house and in the yards to reduce the escape roots hence making the thieves shy away.

Check your postings on social media

Take care not to post your valuables or when you want to leave for vacation since the information provided can be used against you by the hawks there.

Ensure your home is well lit

Put floodlights or motion activated lighting around the exterior of your home to increase visibility and keep away darkness predators. You can also install some outdoor motion detector lights and set a timer for indoor lights if you will be away for a long period.

Take photographs and record serial numbers

This will make it easier for police to obtain a confession and recover stolen items in the worst-case scenario.

Be careful of door to door donation seeking people

Christmas carolers and donation seekers may come to your house, but you should not rely on them entirely by giving personal information or give out money without properly ascertaining their credentials.

Keep Radio Running

Noise helps prevent thieves, especially at daytime since they think somebody is around.


One should remember to keep windows and doors locked at all times.

Never hide keys and use alarms if you have them

One more super tip for Christmas

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