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Why You Should Get Dorma Door Closers Installed

Written: May 10, 2017
Last Modified: November 10, 2022
Dorma Door Closers

What are Dorma Door Closers?


Dorma door closers are highly innovative and super-efficient door add-ons that work to streamline and improve the way external and internal doors open and close.

They are exceptionally durable and convenient door closers that when installed correctly will enhance the efficiency and functionality of your doors.

These systems come in many different sizes, shapes, and speed. If you are wondering why you should get Dorma door closers installed in your premises, here is a detailed outline of the main advantages associated with this door closer brand.

Why do we recommend Dorma door closers?


Dorma is acknowledged as one of the most reputable brands that dedicate to ensuring each of their products meet and exceed the documented quality and safety requirements.

Every genuine Dorma door closer in the market will have passed all necessary fire and CE tests.

Therefore, when you get Dorma door closers installed on your property, you are assured of maximum safety and performance.

At no moment should you worry about a reduced door closing speed when you decide to get premium Dorma door closers installed on your premises?

Dorma ensures all their door closers are compactly designed. They can fit impeccably in all interior and trendy exterior doors to give exceptionally beautiful finishes.

It will amaze you to discover that some door closers get completely covered by the ceiling and floor so that they do not give unattractive looks.

So, when you get these door closers installed on your property, you are sure the decor of such doors will not be negatively affected.

What other benefits can they provide?


In fact, installing these door closers will add to your door and overall property beauty.

Dorma door closers are created inventively to deliver unequalled mechanical efficiency. Adding them to your doors does more than just enhance their value.

They work to streamline all the door actions. They will improve the functionality of your doors ensuring they can be easily opened and closed.

The excellent mechanical efficiency of Dorma door closers as well helps improve your door closing speed.

And since they are not affected by latching action or temperature flux, you can be sure to enjoy improved door functionality for many years to come.

Dorma door closers include adept adjustable settings and suitable user-friendly features.

The adjustable settings of these door closers are intended to give you maximum control over your door closing speed.

Some will even make it possible for you to change from closing your doors using the free swing mode to the hold-open mode.




The final reason as to why you should get Dorma door closers installed on your premises is that they promise to give you maximum value for money.

Dorma door closers are created under strict regulations. The manufacturer always ensures their door closers are up to the desired quality standard.

They use premium materials and the bestselling door closer manufacturing technologies.

So, their products are always of premium quality though they offered at a price relatively lower than that of the competitors.

As such, don’t need to invest huge sums of money to get Dorma door closers installed.

This means, if you want to save money when getting door closers installed in properly, you should consider investing in Dorma door closers.

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