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Some ideas that you might find useful in securing your office or workplace

Written: November 16, 2016
Last Modified: December 22, 2022
Commercial Locksmith in Melbourne

A commercial business can be a large target for thieves, and as such, we need to make sure all our assets are secured. There are numerous amounts of products and jobs that can be carried out to help get the most security out of your business by using a commercial locksmith.

Some ideas


  • New security doors can be installed that offer extra protection to the underlying door.
  • New deadbolts can be added to existing doors to make it much harder to open.
  • Locks can be applied to cabinets to prevent intruders from accessing your company files or other important documents or items in the cabinet drawers.
  • Install Keyless Entry Door Locks – Keyless Entry makes it more difficult for intruders to pick the locks by instead of using a key you are using a digital combination lock, manual code lock, fingerprint or a q-key remote control (similar to the new model cars)
  • Secure your keys inside a kiddie key safe and secure your items inside a safe (can also use digital safes)
  • Use a safe mounted on the wall or in the floor to prevent intruders quickly taking the safe to another location.
  • Setting up registered master key systems which allow for the owner to apply restrictions on who can open particular doors and who is authorized to use them.

More ideas

  • Setup a panic bar to the door which is fixed to the inside of the door, when the bar is pushed the door will unlatch and open even if it is locked, these are usually applied to emergency exits.
  • Locks can be applied to larger garage door types.
  • Security alarm systems can be applied.
  • CCTV Camera Systems can be set up on the premises, so you have footage of who is attempting or who have tried. Modern day systems can notify you by phone movement picked up by the camera.
  • Apply metal bars or window locks to the windows in your office.
  • Use heavy duty padlocks to secure fenced or chained off areas outside, ones that are the best of quality like the ABUS padlock range.

Those are some things you can do to try and secure your business as much as possible. It is also always best to make sure all your existing door locks and padlocks are serviced from time to time to make sure that they are still of high quality and they will withstand a burglary.

Also, keys should be checked in case they have degraded, and you have a possibility of being locked out if the key snaps or fails to work. But it would do well to call upon an experienced commercial locksmith in Melbourne to help with these problems and having peace of mind knowing everything is done correctly.

If any of these ideas pick your fancy to be sure to contact us here at The Lock Guy we can help with all your commercial locksmith security needs in Melbourne.

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