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Restricted Master Key Systems

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A Restricted Master Key System is an investment for your company in the secure management of keys and access areas within your business.

After surveying your property and discussing with you your specific needs The Lock Guy will design a secure restricted system specific to your business.

All of our Restricted Masterkey Systems are computer generated and maintained using our specifically designed software Promaster 7.

Restricted keys are all stamped and can be color coded for easy identification, any additional keys required can only be ordered by the registered signatory on your system records. These system records are kept locked in a secure and alarm monitored building.

What is a Master Key System?

Plain and simple, a master system works like any other regular system, but it allows you to have different levels of access to each lock.

How are Master Key Systems set up?

There are four possible levels of a Master Key System.

  • Great Grand Master
  • Grand Master
  • Master
  • Sub-Master

You will constantly have a master and sub-master key, but depending on how you want your system established you may or may not have a grand or great grand master key.

Let's start with a fundamental setup-- a Master and Sub-Master system. State your store has 4 primary locks: the front door, back door, workplace door, and product case. You want your supervisor to open all of the doors, your shift manager to open the front door, receiving door, and merchandise case and your other employees to just open the merchandise case. You will need a master key system with two sub-masters under it. The master key would go to the supervisor, one sub-master would go to your shift managers, and the other sub-master would go to other workers.

Have a different setup in mind? Master key systems can be setup however you wish.


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