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Door Closers

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Dorma door closers are an ideal choice for your medium to a heavy commercial application, whether in a public building or in your office or factory – the Dorma door closer is a convenient way of shutting doors safely and quietly.

On fire exit doors, doors must be self-closing to comply with current regulations. Door Closers are suitable to most door types and designs.

The benefits of having a self-closing door are that your doors will automatically close after someone has opened and entered the building. The benefits of this are to keep the weather outside and heating and cooling inside.

Protects the door from damage as the door is automatically closed slowly and softly.

A door closer adds to the fire safety as during a fire all windows and doors should be shut to prevent spreading.

Besides the usual installation of the Dorma door closers, we can also assist with:

  • Adjustment of Door Closer
  • Replacement Parts for your Door Closer
  • Hold Open Arm Action added
  • Delayed closing action
For a Dorma door closer price you can contact us on
0438 316 866
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Dorma TS68

Dorma TS73

Dorma TS83

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